Web Extreme Web Hosting Affordable Web Hosting – How To Have A Quick And Simple Solution

Affordable Web Hosting – How To Have A Quick And Simple Solution

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One of the leading web hosting companies that offers 100 Megabytes of web space, your own registered domain name, up to 10 email addresses per domain, a free web site builder and designer and free email forwarding options is Global domains International or GDI, for short.

For only $10 a month, you can have your own web site and domain name such as ‘yourname.ws’ including domain extensions such as .com, .net, .biz, .info and .org. Chances are that you will find an available domain name with the .ws extension than with the heavily saturated .com extension. Even if the selected domain name has been taken, global domains international will give you a choice of alternatives that are available.

Included in the $10 a month, is a website builder and can be utilized for the beginner who wants to learn to do their own web pages right up to the professional web designer who wants a web site published quickly. Other options included is email and domain forwarding if you want all your global domains international account email forwarded and redirected to another website address. My favourite is having access to an *FTP client that allows me to send my web pages to my GDI account. A person with some knowledge on creating their own web site could easily send and receive the pages when they setup their account information through the *ftp.

The affiliate program is what makes global domains international really stand out. They offer a 7 day free trial for anyone who wants try there complete package. You can get paid 10% commission for each new paid customer and 10% in recurring payments for each member in your own group downline. It can potentially add up to thousands of dollars per money if a person can actively promote GDI as business and can eventually become a nice passive and residual income.

*ftp client – file transfer protocol client. A software program that allows files to be transferred to and from another computer that can host websites.

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